Date: 28th May 2008 at 8:27pm
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Tomorrow Lincolnshire needs every man and woman to do their duty!

We stand at the Gates of Greatness.

A yes vote at tomorrows EGM will in essence merely allow the board to issue more shares, as and when it pleases. However the ramifications go far beyond flexibility. In allowing individual share applications it will allow an unprecedented influx of capital from Imp fans rich and poor. Believe it or not 10% of the UK`s millionaires currently reside in Lincolnshire. So we may not be the poor relations that many have long thought after all

A vote for yes will give Peter Jackson the war chest we need to compete this season and next. When promotion comes this season, it will allow another mass influx next season too. And this will allow us to follow the likes of Scunthorpe, Doncaster, and dare we say it, even Hull.

Vital believe we are about to unlock and awaken a sleeping, yet proud heritage. And this time our county will be big enough to compete. At a time when economic confidence is low football will become even more important Lincoln folk as a whole. The Imps under our new messiah can and will lead us through it.

Vote yes and open the gateway to the prophesy. For the Imps are riders at the Gates of Dawn and need take no prisoners.