Date: 30th May 2008 at 2:01am
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Venue – Sincil Bank
Date – 29th May 125LC

On a truly historic evening, 100+ shareholders turned up at Sincil Bank and decided to end the feuding between factions.
It should be noted that, in aid of further reconciliation, Mr. Keith Roe voted for the resolution.

They voted to rid themselves of a restrictive amendment to the clubs constitution and return it to being able to offer shares for sale, with no ifs or buts.

The meeting was reported live via text by Lincoln vitals member Steveimp and saw record numbers ‘popping in’
to find out, there and then, what was said by all in attendance.

LOTI, after his appearance yesterday was not there last night as hoped, but on reflection, this was probably for the better, not to much to soon P.J.
However, his assistant and junior God, Iffy Onoura was.

The meeting opened and the only item on the agenda was duly proposed, voted on and approved by an overwhelming majority.
Apparently, only one poxy proxy voice of desent was heard.
Even Sadam Hussien couldn’t get majorities like that, although Myanmar recently got close.

The Chair then announced that Kevin Cooke was stepping down as company secretary and taking a position as a director in his
own right.
The Chair also stated £1,000,000 worth of shares were available for purchase as of now, available until December 2011.
No permission need now be sought by the board to sell these.

A question from the floor was raised by an unknown source,as to the boards ability to refuse a purchase, Mr. Wright agreed it was possible in theory but had never happened in practice at LCFC in the past and, while questions would be asked over large investments, he couldn’t see the power would ever be used.

The EGM was then closed and an informal fans forum took place.

Q/ New signings/enquiries.
A/ Iffy said, since the season finished, he has been speaking to players and agents constantly seven days a week.
He joked about Torpey not being exactly a star signing last year but felt the reality was that the vast majority of clubs do their business at the end of June.
We were well advanced on one or two player signings but he felt he had to be guarded to avoid a dutch auction by revealing targets too early.

Q/ Club immediate plans on the playing side.
A/ The right hand of the Messiah’s emphasis is to replace the ‘great servants of the club’ with quality signings.
Improving all those positions and improving the quality of the team overall and wanted the right players to play for lcfc.
Iffy said he was excited at the prospects and is showing players the area, the facilities and the club’s vision.
There is a budget to work towards, which they remain mindful of but this was described as, ‘more of a level playing field’.
They are not embarassed about who they are contacting – if they want to come and if they want them they will come.

Mr. Wright interjected that he, ‘expects the majority of signings before first of July’.

Q/ Michael boulding.
A/ Michael Boulding is on holiday until June 4th, Rotherham have said that they have talked to him. This
couldn’t have been the case as Iffy, ‘personally knows Boulding and his family’ and knows he is still away.

Q/ Questioner stated that fans see the defence as the main place in need of improvement and joked Michael BOLTON
could not do the business in that department. The argument being that, ‘If we had had a half decent defence, we scored enough goals last year to have gone up’.
A/ Iffy thinks Boulding would do a job for a season. He conceded that the defence needs to be reworked.
He said ‘If you look at the players who have left, fullbacks, 1 centrehalf and a keeper, that is where we are replacing with improved players’.

Q/ Re youth teams
A/ Chris Travers (director),net of the grant aid money, it costs the club in excess of £100000 to run the centres
and scholarship programme.
The Board were, ‘Pleased with the youth programme’
The board believes the youth system differentiates the imps with other clubs, ‘if you can produce credible first team
alternatives, it means we have to bring in less players and extra quality to support the first team, from outside the club’
He also stated that, ‘there even greater things to come from the youth system’.

Iffy,’that confirms how pleased we should be with the youth set up’.

Q/(Doreen Ashton),’ have we had the cheque from Peterborough?
A/’This is a deal regarding Keith Alexander and the cheque hasn’t been received yet,
Dave Roberts had penned a letter congratulatng them and sending them an invoice’!

Q/Car Parks. Stacey west car parking is a nightmare, people wandering around and someone will be killed and needs
looking at.
A/ Steff Wright,’This is an issue, either way you bring people into the ground. The long term plan is to access in
from south park and is something, hopefully, which will be moving forward at a faster pace in the next few weeks’.
He went on beyond and stated, ‘We have looked at clubs who got promoted, Hull with partnership with Hull City Council
and Kingston Communications, a fantastic new stadium which has helped their achievements.Look at Doncaster, The Town
Council got behind them to develop the new stadium also.
What we have at Lincoln, is a good stadium that people feel doesn’t need anything to do with it,however we are
trying to produce championship facilities, one of my main ponts of contention is access to ground and to put
togetehr a development plan for sincil bank’.

Q/Who fiddles around with the P A system.
A/The system is being continually fixed, we have had a new system priced at £25,000 but, its where priorities lay.

Q/ Could half time scores be put on the scoreboard?
A/ Steff Wright will ask Mr. Roberts why / why not.

Q/Training Ground.
A/It’s felt facilities up there are very good and Everyone is pleased with them.
The facilities inside are excellent and the equipment is good.
An open day is planned up there and is something that Peter and Stuart Tindall will be talking about.

End of meeting statements;

Steff Wright.
Always believe that we have a good management team, there is great anticipation and hope.
Iffy is set to sign a new contract and we have gratitude for him coming in under such difficult circumstances. He has
done a fantastic job in that time (round of applause).
It is always difficult when the manager isn’t there and it’s pleasing to see Peter back in his office, still one step at a time
and he needs a final sign off. He had every confidence that we will have some fun next season.

Commercial Manager reports that there is only 1 VIP box left available for long term.

70% of matchballs/sponsorship have been sold already.
Back of shirt sponsors Hamsons announced.
Sponsorship for stand done, additional Burton(?) pitch sponsorship.
Bar and catering busiest ever and strongest than ever been.

Season tickets are selling earlier and are moving ahead at a faster rate than before.
The club had put together some good packages, would have liked to cut price to £100 but doesnt work at our clubs level.
Incentives/schemes were in place to enable as many people as possible to buy them.
We are waiting until LOTI comes back for marketing initiatives, the best form of marketing is going out there and
talking to people and to create a buzz around the place. Second best way is Iffy and Peter bringing in the key signing.

He then thanked the shareholders for their support and coming this evening.
There were in excess of 100 shareholders present and though their views wont always concur with board, that is democracy and said he had no grievence against those who carry a different mindset to his own.

He believes that LCFC will make great strides and believes shareholders would hold The Board to account if things went wrong.