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December 2020 Player Ratings

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Top of the pile is ANTHONY SCULLY after three goals and some harrying performances during the month. Having made his debut for Republic of Ireland U21 during November, it has been a great couple of months for him.

CONOR McGRANDLES takes second place, highlighting how well he was playing before his injury. Perhaps it is no coincidence that we lost the next two games (Sunderland and Shrewsbury) without him.

In third place we have REMY HOWARTH, staking a claim for a regular starting place. Five appearances and two goals during the month will have done his claim no harm.

A brief mention for Harry Anderson’s consistency – he is averaging 7.11 both at home and away, and deservedly leads the Player of the Season ratings accordingly. Contrast that with Lewis Montsma, averaging 7.42 away (1st), but only 6.58 at home (13th) – there’s a challenge for the Flying Dutchman over the second half of the season.

Another interesting aspect this month is how close together the average scores are: the gap between Anthony Scully at the top and Tayo Edun at the bottom is only 0.60 of a mark, the smallest margin we have ever had. The epitome of a team effort, if ever there was one.

The average team rating of 6.70 is the third-highest of the season to date.

1, Anthony Scully 6.94
2. Conor McGrandles 6.91
3. Remy Howarth 6.87
4. Tom Hopper 6.863
5. Jorge Grant 6.85
6. Harry Anderson 6.84
7. Joe Walsh 6.738
8. Brennan Johnson 6.736
9. James Jones 6.71
10. Lewis Montsma 6.58
11. TJ Eyoma 6.55
12. Alex Palmer 6.43
13. Robbie Gotts 6.36
14. Tayo Edun 6.34

The following players made only one rateable appearance each during the month:

Zack Elbouzedi 8.59
Max Melbourne 6.864
Sean Roughan 6.77
Adam Jackson 6.18

Individual ratings by match:

Wigan: Tom Hopper 7.40
Rochdale: Lewis Montsma 8.95
Shrewsbury FLT: Zack Elbouzedi 8.59
Sunderland: Harry Anderson 6.11
Shrewsbury: Tayo Edun 6.20
Northampton: Brennan Johnson 8.11
Burton: Anthony Scully 8.02

So where does that leave us regarding the current Player of the Season standings?

1. Harry Anderson 7.11
2. Lewis Montsma 6.99
3. Jorge Grant 6.95

Home Player of the Season:

1. Harry Anderson 7.11
2. Jorge Grant 6.87
3. Sean Roughan 6.86

Away Player of the Season:

1. Lewis Montsma 7.42
2. Joe Walsh 7.12
3. Harry Anderson 7.11

Player of the Month:

September: Adam Jackson 7.45
October: Brennan Johnson 7.34
November: Harry Anderson 7.22

Writer: Scotimp

Thank you to Graham Burrell and Lincoln City Football Club for the photograph!

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