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Danny Cowley had very little to say about the Blackburn game other than he hoped people understood the long-term best interests of numerous team changes for the team during an intense period; albeit it was not done lightly as he knew a lot of fans had invested time and money to attend the game. DC preferred to look ahead to the Exeter game.

Exeter: DC held no truck with questions trying to resurrect the post-game playoff shenanigans from last season. He made it clear that Exeter are a well run, professional club for whom he has the utmost respect. The only motivation that Imps needed was that they had been second best and lost both games there last season. That disappointment had been kept close and would provide even more motivation, not that any was needed as the squad were always so. DC felt City had made real progress in terms of personnel recruitment and method of play since last season and he saw this as a real gauge of that. DC was not surprised that Exeter had no ‘playoff blues’ as although Tisdale had left they had promoted from within; that was in keeping with the club. Exeter have a maturity at League Two level and not only produce their own players to sell on but replace them with experienced players that suit their well-established style. DC believed he held a good idea of how Exeter would play and noted they tended to play with 2 forwards in the main this year. The Grecians were seemingly getting the ball into Stockley more quickly but were still capable of playing through midfield when appropriate. DC saw Exeter as a side that made very few mistakes and were very compact out of possession which makes it difficult to play through them. The danger men were identified as Stockley, Abrahams and Forte. Blackburn followed by Exeter away did provide a recovery issue as all the travelling effectively removed a recovery day but so be it and that was mitigated to some extent by travelling down a day early to benefit from the excellent relationship with Bris. City enabling them to train at their ground and break up the journey.

Injuries and illness: Bossie had been unwell during the week, not eating until yesterday but had trained today. DC explained how they had previously quarantined ill players in the past – transporting them to away games in a separate vehicle so that may be an option. A couple of minor niggles from Blackburn but nothing to stop anybody from playing. Positive news on Josh Vickers who’d had his muscle scanned whilst it was active and the injury was not as bad as had originally been feared.

Transfers: Although DC would like another loan player the closure of the window was currently closer than that actually happening although in football things can and do change quickly. DC would prefer the window shut before the start of the season but was realistic to realize that for business reasons it had to be aligned to The Premier League. On the signing of Kellen, DC mooted that we should be proud that clubs from a higher level trust the environment and culture at City to allow their players to come here to develop. This was re-enforced by the fact that Derby were paying most of his wages to be here. DC liked the fact that Kellen is a versatile player for a small squad who is a fine athlete, good mover and has a decent technical ability.

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Danny Cowley Press Conference

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