Date: 8th June 2015 at 7:39pm
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So, the mosaic appeal was a dead loss. Misguided, misinterpreted, misunderstood; poorly conceived, poorly promoted, poorly supported.

So, the mosaic appeal was a dead loss. Misguided, misinterpreted, misunderstood; poorly conceived, poorly promoted, poorly supported. Some quarters would have us believe that no one really cares what happens to Lincoln City. So that’s that, then. Let’s just lie down quietly with our paws in the air and succumb to the inevitable. Better to get it over with now than to limp on pathetically for the next few, agonising, dying seasons.

Think again. We now have Moyses Mission on Crowdfunder to take its place. Incredibly, there are those who are cynically attacking Helgy’s new appeal as a Grimsbytown-esque copycat scheme that will die the same whimpering death as the mosaic appeal. Allow me to explain a few things.

Firstly, the only losers from the mosaic appeal were the fans, you and me. Happy about that?

Secondly, we started raising funds on Crowdfunder before Grimsby thought of it. And what does it matter anyway what Grimsby do? Grimsby are irrelevant, in every way. This is Lincoln City.

Thirdly, mosaic was a nice idea that was poorly executed; its structure was over-complicated and inherently flawed. This new appeal is as simple as it can be: pledge some money, even as little as £10, and your money will go straight to Chris Moyses’ playing budget. But why should we?

For a kick off, we are all sick and tired of losing. We are fed up with players donning the famous red and white stripes who range from the mediocre to the dreadful. We have been out of the Football League for 4 years too long, and counting. The current regime has failed abysmally to take us back up. Most significantly, we cannot wait for some knight in shining armour to come out of the ether; it may never happen. Let’s deal with reality, and not what might happen at some indeterminate point in the far distant future.

So far this summer we have signed some pretty promising players but we could always do with some more. This could be our season, but we must really want it to be. We have an opportunity to make a real difference.

But what is in it for us?

Well, were you there to see Newcastle, Sunderland, Leicester, Stoke, Spurs et al leave with their tails between their legs? Do you remember how you felt when Percy Freeman scored with that header against Doncaster ? Do you remember what it was like to see 10,000+ streaming out of Sincil Bank after yet another win? Do you remember Colin Murphy taking us to within an inch of the Second Division? Do you remember what it felt like at 4.45pm on 2 May 1988? Were you at Cardiff in 2003 and 2005?

Or would you simply settle for a League Cup First Round tie in August? I would.

These things can happen again, and more. One thing is for sure: if we do nothing, we will get nothing.

Graham Taylor had a vision of the future. Colin Murphy believed anything was possible. Keith Alexander refused to accept the limitations of adversity. Let’s do it for them, as well as ourselves.

This is our club. Why not take control of things right now?

We’re trying to raise more money for the Football Club.

So, if you have any old Programmes/Shirts/Balls etc (Signed or not) that you’d like to donate for us to Auction on eBay, please contact


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  • There was a lot of money pledged on the mosaic crowdfunder. Unfortunately, because we never hit the target, the club saw none of it. I see no reason why we shouldn’t achieve the same level of generosity without a pretty picture…. Only time will tell.

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