Date: 28th April 2010 at 2:05pm
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With Kasper Schmeichel being released from League 2 Champions Notts County yesterday, in a deal that very much suits both parties, Rob Burch suddenly comes onto the radar of our local rivals. Could the Magpies live up to their nickname and ex Imp Ray Trew be attempting to pick the carcass?

Facts are Rob is a free agent, he would find it even easier to get to Nottingham everyday and the Budgets at a League 1 football club would stretch much further than one in League 2. Especially one that is proud to be frugal and one that looks after pennies that sadly never amount to very many pounds at the Bank.

Yet all is not lost you feel for Rob has an affinity with our football club and the loyal band of fans behind his goal. Like a first girlfriend we were his first fans and this should not be completely discounted from the reckoning. Mazza`s knees would knock until we returned to the Stacey West and he still has an affinity with Imp fans to this day.

The Imps have also offered him a monster deal, guarantee him a start and the best clean sheet bonus outside of errr Meadow Lane.

Burch is a free agent with the lower league world at his feet this summer and perhaps the Championship too. He knows he can command the signing on fee and the contract in a world where cash is king. Yet there is no queue and he in fairness is not encouraging one which gives us hope.

However he also knows to get noticed you have to be in a side that gets on the TV regularly. That rarely happens in League 1 and 2 of course though here he would guarantee his foremost desire, to play each week. It was a key part of Jacko landing him in the first place.

Lincoln it appears holds most of the ingredients, though are these sufficient to complete the winning recipe? We are offering him a contract few outside the Championship would better by much. We have the emotional pull of the first fans thing. We guarantee him a start each week. All it lacks is ambition and backing at the Club for Chris Sutton you feel.

Burch knows a side will be built around him at one end and a striker at another if the Chessman is backed. And Silverware and bonuses are still a massive motivating factor for blokes like Burch.

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