Date: 31st July 2018 at 5:15pm
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The competition is running again this season, with vast thanks to Jules for doing last year’s. Purely for fun and kudos. Not many changes to the format this year…

I’ll post a message per match as far ahead as reasonably possible, titled with the opposition and whether Home Or Away. Please respond with your attendance predictions – I’ll send out a couple of reminders.

Deadlines: 12 midnight for a 1300/1500 kickoff, 12 noon for a 1945 kickoff. I plan to be strict about this, please make my life easy…

Anyone in the competition who doesn’t put in a prediction for a match will, as last year, be ‘credited’ with the least accurate guess of those who did predict. [If anyone’s finding they’re not wanting to continue mid-season (although we’d miss you), let me know and I can change the spreadsheet.]

I’ll try to report back the day after the match, attaching the updated spreadsheet and stating who was closest for each match (unless someone gets there before me….).

Bonus: to celebrate the club’s 135th anniversary, anyone getting the attendance spot on gets 135 bonus points for that match.

As well as the league competition, I’ll run parallel competitions for the various cups (gives us some variety WRT opposition and ground sizes!)

Northampton Town (a): Predict The Attendance!

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Posted by Vital Lincoln City on Tuesday, 31 July 2018


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